Determinants of COVID-19 Vaccine Coverage Aceh in 2021




coverage, covid-19, human resources, vaccines, vaccinators


Indonesia has set strategies to overcome this pandemic problem, one of which is preventing the spread of COVID-19 which is very easily transmitted to individuals by vaccinations are carried out in every workplace, or government, one of which is hospitals and health centers in Aceh which are the referral places for patients treatment and vaccinations. This study aims to the determinants of COVID-19 vaccination coverage Aceh in 2021. The sample in this study is the achievement vaccination in 23 districts of Aceh. The results showed the average proportion vaccine coverage in Aceh was 69.30% with a minimum percentage of 46% and the highest percentage of 102%. Then the analysis showed that the vaccinator HR a value of p = 0.0001 that was a significant between the vaccinator HR and the vaccine coverage. HR planning should be prepared thoroughly so that it will minimize the possibility of mistakes in the future.


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